CEO Topic: Information Industry Cybersecurity Best Practices

Author: Will Jan

Date: May 29, 2019


Two years ago, Outsell conducted a study to uncover the public’s perceptions of companies’ cybersecurity measures in light of the increase in data breaches around the world. This time, a new study analyzes companies’ perceptions of where and how much to invest in cybersecurity, offering recommendations and actionable market insights to companies operating in this industry. This study details not only these best practices but also the key challenges and opportunities in their information security initiatives that, if properly addressed, could also help accelerate business through competitive differentiation.



It is Outsell’s philosophy and practice to ensure that our research is conducted from a fact-based underpinning that is combined with analysis and interpretation of gathered data. We then use our larger knowledge of trends and insight into the industry to identify implications and develop relevant recommendations. This study began with a thorough review of Outsell’s pre-existing intellectual property on the topic. This was followed by substantive secondary research to ensure that we had context in terms of what has already been published about the state of the art in cybersecurity relevant to publishing and data-intensive information businesses. We followed this baseline with the development of an interview guide and confidential, telephone-based, qualitative interviews with a selection of large information providers to form a solid peer group along with a handful of cybersecurity experts and solution suppliers.

Interviews were 45 to 60 minutes long and involved asking 30 key questions to garner the needed insights in the areas of organizational structure, goals and objectives, workflows, talent, metrics, and current practices and protocols. In total, Outsell conducted 20 in-depth interviews with CEOs, business leaders, and chief information security officers (CISOs) of large firms in the industry. We augmented these with interviews with security experts and a handful of suppliers, focusing on 15 from the industry and five from the security ecosystem. All interviews were confidential, all responses were aggregated, and nothing was attributed back to any company or respondent directly unless prior permission was granted by the interviewee. Our findings are qualitative in nature, and with an “n” of more than 10, they are homogenous enough to treat as a benchmark on practices. Outsell did not complete rankings of respondents in our analysis, given the small number of respondents overall.


Outsell Inc. CEO Topic: Information Industry Cybersecurity Best Practices


Table of Contents

Why This Topic


Key Findings

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Cybersecurity Test Scenario

Implications for the Data, Information, and Analytics Industry

Essential Actions

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