CEO Topic: Advances in AI and Industry Implications


Author: Michael Dziekan

Date: September 19, 2018


CEOs must determine what AI means to their businesses

  • Data providers are turning to AI to protect and grow core revenue while pivoting to new adjacent growth.
  • Technology vendors are placing big bets on AI as the basis of their future businesses.
  • Commercial enterprises are implementing AI and data-driven solutions.

It’s essential that data business CEOs “stay ahead” so they can capitalize and not get caught by disruption

  • Thought leaders struggle to stay current with the quickly evolving technology landscape and vendors.
  • CEOs must make smart choices by identifying the right business models and use cases to get started.
  • Chief executives need to be “eyes wide open” as AI has a network effect, opening up new types of competition.

To help data and information businesses develop a sound AI strategy, this study will

  • Define AI to get beyond the hype.
  • Outline how AI is part of the analytics continuum, to enable better decision-making.
  • Exemplify AI transforming data into actionable insights and enabling greater scale.
  • Illustrate how the AI technology landscape has changed and who and what to pay attention to.
  • Highlight AI use cases that create new value in enterprise domains and industries.

Table of Contents

Why This topic  3

OUR Methodology  4

AI definition and getting beyond the “Buzz”   5

The AI Market landscape has expanded  13

Core Foundation (AI technology and Data Services)  15

Example: Enabling Immersive Customer Experiences  17

Example: Extracting Meaning an New Insights from Content  18

Example: Leveraging AI an the Cloud to Scale the Business  19

Advancing Functional Applications for the Enterprise   20

Embedding AI in Legacy Portfolios  21

Example: Improving Behavioral Targeting  22

Example: Optimizing Situational Advertising  23

AI is an Enabler for IoT and Vice Versa   24

Advancing Industry solutions for the Enterprise   25

Industry Use Case Examples   26

AI having a Profound Effect on the Financial Sector   27

Example: Amassing New Insights and Predictions in Financial Services  28

Example: Advancing Scientific, Patient Care an Drug Discovery   29

Example: Innovations in Legal Solutions   30

Key Takeaways  31

Essential Actions  32

Related Research   34

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