CEO Topic: Best Practices for Content Marketing in Information Solutions

Author: Simon Alterman

Date: December 13, 2015


On a scale of 1-5, how would you rank the success of your company’s current content marketing programs? Are your campaigns utilizing the right ingredients to create effective engagement with your target market? In this digital era, buyers are more informed and empowered than ever before, making buying decisions before they even contact a vendor. Successful content marketing campaigns provide the prospective buyer with the right kind of content, in the right places, in the right formats at each stage of the buying journey. For information businesses, the adoption of content marketing practices falls across a broad spectrum.

Best Practices for Content Marketing in Information Solutions identifies the best practices among B2B leaders, examines how they continually measure and track the ROI of their marketing activities, and highlights key components of creating compelling content.

Beyond the marketing department, it takes top-level leadership and a cultural shift for an organization to buy-in on the requirements necessary to make content marketing work. Is your company equipped with the right skills, sales model, infrastructure, and content to move the needle forward with content marketing in 2016?


Our analysis and recommendations in this report derive principally from 20 interviews with marketing practitioners in information companies and with businesses that supply content marketing services and advice to them. Our focus is on information companies using a paid content/service model. Interviewees come from many different segments of the information industry: education content and technology, scholarly publishing, STM services, credit and financial information and tools, and market and IT research. We also draw on our previous work on content marketing and on the findings of our annual survey of marketers, as well as our ongoing dialogue with industry executives and suppliers.

Outsell Inc. CEO Topic: Best Practices for Content Marketing in Information Solutions

Table of Contents: 
  • Why This Topic
  • Methodology
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • We’re on a Journey
  • Best Practice Ingredients
  • Audience and Personas
  • Buying Paths
  • The Right Content
  • Distribution
  • Measurement
  • Issues and Pitfalls
  • Being Selective
  • That’s Marketing’s Job
  • Giving Away the Crown Jewels
  • Essential Actions
  • Related Research

Table of Contents for Figures & Tables

  • Figure 1. Industry Transition to Content Marketing
  • Figure 2. Essential Ingredients for Content Marketing Success

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