Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2017

Author: Randy Giusto

Date: May 24, 2017



Outsell’s Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2017 marks the 12th year of our ongoing research and analysis answering the critical questions that media executives have about their customers’ marketing and advertising needs, concerns, and spending. This study answers “how much,” “on what,” and “where” marketers and advertisers will spend their budgets in 2017.

What’s ahead for advertising and marketing? Spending on advertising and marketing in the US will slow, growing 3.4 percent in 2016, reaching $489 billion. Digital now represents 51% of all spending, rising 11% year over year to $248 billion, surpassing the combined spend of print, TV/radio/cinema, and events. Events will post positive growth at 2.8% and remains key for brand building and lead generation activities.

Our report reveals the most comprehensive, yet segmented view available of all the marketing methods that companies use to build and strengthen their brands and generate new leads to drive business. Get your copy today!


Outsell fielded a web-based survey to 748 US marketers and advertisers in February and March of 2017 across 26 spending categories. Respondents were responsible for advertising and marketing spending or for specifying budgets. Of the total respondents, 373 are B2B-focused while 375 are consumer-focused marketers. This report focuses on the 748 total respondents and looks at five key media types and methods or tactics within each, including:

  1. Digital:Companywebsites,search advertising,specialized search, banner and display advertising, e-mail, social media advertising, own social engagement, webinars, mobile, and video (non-mobile) advertising.
  2. Print: Magazines, custom print, newspapers, direct mail, directories, and newsletters.
  3. Events: Exhibitions and trade shows, conferences, and company events.
  4. TV, radio, and cinema.
  5. Other marketing: Public relations, sales collateral, marketing research, and out-of-home or outdoor advertising.

We use scaling factors to convert the distribution of marketers and advertisers participating in this study into a mix (by size of the advertisers’ firms) that represents the total population of US marketers and advertisers. Outsell’s segmentation of total spend into B2B and consumer segments, and preferences and efforts by size of firm is unique in the industry.

Outsell Inc. Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2017


Table of Contents

Why This Topic

Key Observations and Implications

2017 Total Advertising & Marketing Spending

Advertising and Marketing Spending by Media Type

Spending Ranked by Category

Brand Building Effectiveness

Digital Spending Mix and Growth

Mobile’s Dominance Hits Print

Video’s Influence on Budgets

Distributed Content Driving Social

Key Advertiser Pain Points

Marketer Focus Points

Skill Sets Needed

Marketing Services Mix

Marketing Tools Usage

Essential Actions

Related Research

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