Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2017: B2B Advertising

Author: Barry Parr

Date: June 1, 2017


B2B advertising and marketing continues to grow faster than GDP — reaching $166.5 billion in 2017. Marketers are optimistic about 2017 and say they’re planning to grow their teams faster than they’re increasing spending. While print’s decline is accelerating, Digital marketing has reached 54% of all advertising and marketing spending, making it the fastest growing spending category.

Outsell’s 12th Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2017: B2B Advertising report provides essential spending and trend insights for B2B media executives. By systematically measuring both marketing and advertising spending, Outsell tracks and reveals the most comprehensive, segmented view of methods that B2B-focused companies use to build their brands and generate leads for new business.

This report answers “how much,” “on what,” and “where” marketers and advertisers will spend their budgets in 2017, as well as what’s working and what their key pain points are. Does your solution portfolio meet the needs of today’s B2B advertiser and marketer? Get your copy of this report today and find out!


Outsell fielded a web-based survey to 748 US marketers and advertisers in February and March 2017 across 26 spending categories. Respondents were responsible for advertising and marketing spending or for specifying budgets. Of the total respondents, 373 were B2B-focused while 375 were consumer-focused marketers. This report focuses on the 373 B2B marketing respondents and looks at five key media types and the methods or tactics within each, including:

  • Digital: Marketing and advertising companies’ own websites, companies’ own social engagement, search engines, social media site marketing, e-mail marketing, trade publishers’ websites, mobile marketing, vertical search, digital classified ads, webinars, sponsored content, virtual trade shows, general business websites and video advertising.
  • Print: Magazines, custom publications, newspapers, direct mail, directories, catalogs, and newsletters.
  • In-Person Events: Trade shows and exhibitions, conferences, and corporate marketing events.
  • TV, Radio, and Movies.
  • Other Marketing: PR, sales collateral, market research and out of home advertising.

Outsell uses scaling factors to convert the distribution of marketers and advertisers participating in this study into a mix (by size of the advertisers’ firms) that represents the total population of US marketers and advertisers. Outsell’s segmentation of total spending and preferences into B2B and consumer segments, and efforts by size of firm is unique in the industry.

The breadth and depth of this study within the business-to-business environment is unique in the industry.

Outsell Inc. Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2017: B2B Advertising

Table of Contents

Why This Topic

Key Takeaways

2017 B2B Advertising and Marketing: Dollars, Share, and Growth

Marketers Are Optimistic about 2017

Digital Spending Continues to Gain Share of Marketing Dollars

Mobile and Video Are Big Growth Opportunities

Print’s Decline Accelerates

Account-Based Marketing Comes into Its Own as a Marketing Strategy

Lead Gen Still Overshadows Branding

Large Companies Have More Options

Direct to Customer Is a Critical Marketing Tactic

The Content Marketing Mix Remains Steady

Younger B2B Marketers Shift Away from LinkedIn

Marketers Don’t Always Prefer Earned to Paid Media

Large Companies Care a Lot More About Data Than Smaller Companies

Leads and ABM Dominate the Services Market

Essential Actions

2017 B2B US Advertising and Marketing Spending

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