AI in STM Publishing

Author: Tatiana Khayrullina, Bill Trippe

Date: July 15, 2020


STM publishing is adopting AI quickly: Publishers are using it in a variety of applications, nonprofits and tech companies are investing in it, and startups are launching quickly. This analysis reviews AI in STM publishing, providing key observations and recommended actions for industry players.



Outsell undertook primary research for this report in the form of interviews with developers of solutions that include an AI element, including traditional publishers, startups, and businesses dedicated to this space. In addition, we spoke to industry experts from academia as well as from solution providers serving STM markets; we also undertook desk-based research. These activities, plus our daily dialog with the market and key stakeholders, informed our opinions and views and led to our identification of the leading innovators in this relatively nascent segment of the market as well as our analysis of the key activities of the market incumbents.


Table of Contents

Why This Market?


Artificial Intelligence in STM Publishing

Market Dynamics

Profiles: AI in STM


Forecast for Future Adoption

Essential Actions

Related Research

About the Authors

About Outsell


List of Tables

Table 1: AI Technologies Driving STM Solutions

Table 2: Companies Developing AI Solutions for STM

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