AI in Contract Analytics

Author: Hugh Logue

Date: July 19, 2018


Over the last three years, a new wave of legal tech start-ups has sprung up in all parts of the world offering artificial intelligence (AI) contract review analytics tools. This corner of the legal and regulatory solutions market has a particularly high concentration of start-ups. Of the 21 companies profiled in this report, 12 of them are under 3 years old, and all of them are 8 years old or less.

As Outsell covered in its Artificial Intelligence in Legal Tech report last year, contract analytics providers are at the forefront of the practical application of AI in the legal solutions market. This report takes a deeper look at this AI sub-segment and explores the products that contract analytics companies are providing, the trends that are driving demand for them, and the essential actions for providers in the space.


This report draws from Outsell’s unique industry metrics and analytics, including our database of more than 8,000 companies. We augmented these assets through personal interviews CEOs and division heads among the top and emerging players in the market. We also undertook exhaustive secondary research, looking at blogs and mainstream press as well as market research reports outlining their activities. This research, combined with Outsell’s daily contact with players in the information and legal services industries, and the deep industry experience of our analytical staff, helped form our conclusions and led to the creation of the shortlist of company and product profiles contained within this report.

Outsell Inc. AI in Contract Analytics

Outsell Inc. AI in Contract Analytics


Why This Market


Defining Contract Analytics

Market Dynamics

Adoption Drivers

Adoption Inhibitors

Who’s Who in Developing AI Contract Analytics

Profiles: Contract Analytics Companies

Forecast for Future Adoption

Key Takeaways

Essential Actions

Related Research

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