Ag Information Solutions, Size, Share Forecast & Trend Report

Author: Carol Monaco

Date: August 6, 2018


The world’s population is growing quickly — it is projected to exceed 9 billion by 2050 —while the amount of arable land is shrinking — it is estimated that over 80% of arable land is already in use. To feed our growing population, we must substantially increase the amount of food we produce: by as much as 60% by 2050 according to some estimates. More people will require more land to live on while that land is also needed to grow more food.

As incomes increase in developing countries, demand for high-quality protein and food variety also rises. Yet it is estimated that the farmable land has decreased by 33% over the past 40 years. Current land use for food production is unsustainable, leaving no choice but to look to information solutions and technology to solve this problem.

Hard-pressed to remain competitive, farmers are also embracing new technologies to become more efficient. The Ag Information Solutions space is hot, growing, highly fragmented, and ripe for consolidation, with no visible market-share leader in the sector. The confluence of data, information, and technology is driving change in this solution sector, and clients ask about this category daily.

Given our understanding of the prevailing conditions, Outsell researched and analyzed the space, looking at key market dynamics, competitive trends, and opportunities for growth for leaders or investors interested in expansion. This report includes our analysis of how the market is developing and how key players will respond.


Outsell used qualitative research and analysis to prepare this report. We completed 14 analyst-led interviews covering the sector with on-the-ground professionals. We also leveraged our database of 8,000+ industry firms that create, aggregate, manipulate, and distribute information and augmented that with additional secondary research. We further supported this analysis with a deep understanding of information-centric disruptive forces, daily interaction with executives in the information industry, and analysis of products and services that Outsell conducts as part of its advisory services.

Outsell Inc. Ag Information Solutions, Size, Share Forecast & Trend Report


Why Agriculture?


Defining the Agriculture Industry Value Chain

Defining the Agriculture Information Solutions Space

Mapping Ag Solutions to the Industry Value Chain

Ag Information Market Overview and Drivers and Trends

Market Size, Share & Forecast


Essential Actions

Related Research


Figure 1. Agriculture Lifecycle: Seed to Table

Figure 2. Selected Types of Technology Disruptors

Figure 3. Representative AgTech and Ag Information Providers Landscape


Table 1. Top Ten Ag Information Services Providers


Appendix 1. Outsell’s AgTech and Ag Information Market Directory

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