Account-Based Marketing Takes B2B Media Beyond Lead Generation

Author: Barry Parr

Date: July 25, 2016



Marketers are changing their strategy. In the last decade, they’ve been rewarded for adding leads to the funnel. In the next decade, they’ll be evaluated on how well they manage relationships in the pipeline. Account-based marketing supports sales throughout the sales process. Large B2B marketers will change the way they buy advertising, relate to prospects, and work with sales.

Account-Based Marketing Takes B2B Media Beyond Lead Generation goes into depth on the rise of ABM and its trends, risks, and opportunities. ABM creates many risks for B2B media that have become dependent upon lead generation for advertising revenue. These include further reduction in print advertising, diversion of online advertising from vertical to consumer media, and more programmatic advertising buys. This report also discusses the forces holding back the adoption of ABM in the short term and opportunities for B2B media to exploit the trend to capture more marketing revenue.

As the largest B2B advertisers transition to ABM, Outsell expects them to change whom they target, how they buy advertising, and which media they use. This report is a must-read for staying on top of changes, mitigating risks, and taking advantage of the new opportunities ABM creates.


Our analysis and recommendations in this report derive principally from 15 interviews, mainly with CEOs and executives in account-based marketing vendors, advertisers, and business-to-business media organizations on the capabilities of current ABM solutions. We interviewed advertising and media executives on their familiarity with the ABM concepts vendors outlined, how these tools affect their marketing and sales strategies, and how they mitigate the risks of ABM. This is further supported by our daily interaction with executives and with the products and services from many of the thousands of information, marketing services, and ad tech companies Outsell tracks as part of our research and advisory services.

Outsell Inc. Account-Based Marketing Takes B2B Media Beyond Lead Generation

Table of Contents:
  • Why This Topic
    • Methodology
  • Account-Based Marketing is a Strategy
    • 21st Century B2B Advertising has Focused on Leads
    • The Funnel: Garbage In, Garbage Out
    • Account-Based Marketing Narrows Marketing’s Focus
    • Coordinate Marketing and Sales
    • Identify Target Accounts
    • Target Communications to Individuals in Each Account
    • Rethink Lead Generation
    • Monitor Behavior at the Account Level
    • Provide More Information to the Sales Team
    • Measure Engagement and Results, Not Leads
  • ABM Creates Risks for Ad-Supported B2 Media
  • ABM Creates Opportunities for B2B Media
  • ABM Continues to Evolve
    • ABM Faces Challenges to Broader Adoption
    • ABM Will Evolve to Meet Its Challenges
  • Essential Actions

Tables & Figures

  • Figure 1. Google Trends’ Interest in “Account-Based Marketing”
  • Figure 2. Lead Generation is a Critical Factor in Allocating Marketing Spending in 2016
  • Figure 3. A Traditional Sales Funnel
  • Figure 4. Media is a Small Portion of B2B Marketing Budgets in 2015
  • Figure 5. Marketing Spending is Increasing for Content Development and Targeted Offers
  • Figure 6. Barriers to Marketing and Advertising Objectives
  • Table 1. ABM Vendors

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