2018 Information Management Benchmark: Opportunity for the Future-Focused

Author: Amanda Moran

Date: May 2, 2018


Information management has undergone radical change, having faced falling budgets, new stakeholder demands, and staffing challenges — not to mention rising information costs. How can library leaders chart a course forward for themselves and their organizations?

Driven by data and key insights from information managers and librarians, this report constructs a profile of the information management profession today that will help drive growth in the future. Library leaders will find what they need to benchmark their activities against those in similar functions and a set of essential actions to help them thrive.

What is the state of library budgets in 2018? What are the key content and technology spending trends? How is staffing affected by skill gaps and evolving roles? Download this report for answers.


Outsell fielded the 2018 Information Management Benchmark (IMB) survey in January and February, receiving 216 responses from information managers with budget responsibility for their organizations. We sent invitations to take part in the web-based survey to several distribution lists, listservs, and organizations, such as the Special Libraries Association, Charleston Conference mailing list, American Library Association, Public Library Association, and Outsell’s own database. Sector segmentations for some questions have lower numbers of respondents; data that has a low base is not fully representative and is directional in nature. We combined our analysis of this data with our ongoing dialogue with vendors and IM professionals and the marketplace at large to form our fact-based opinions and points of view

Outsell Inc. 2018 Information Management Benchmark: Opportunity for the Future-Focused


Why This Topic
Corporate and Non-Profit Respondents by Business Segment
Budgets and Spending
Spending on External Content and Tools
Time Spent on Activites and Skills Gaps
Reporting Structure and Funding Model
The State of Information Management: Opportunity for the Future-Focused
Essential Actions for Information Managers
Related Research


Figure 1. Survey Respondents by Category
Figure 2. Respondent Sectors by Market


Table 1. 2018 Expected Budget Change, by Sector
Table 2. Key Areas of Investment in 2017 and 2018
Table 3. Key Needs for Additional Investment
Table 4. Proportion of Spending on Top Content Types
Table 5. IM Staff Time Commitment 2018
Tabel 6. Top Five Skill Gaps

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