Information Industry Outlook 2017: All Data, Nothing But Data


Author: Leigh Watson Healy

Date: October 5, 2016


For the $1.5 trillion-dollar information industry, where does the number one growth opportunity lie?

Data monetization.

From GE to Boeing, Ford to Monsanto — today, everyone is a data provider, user, and maker, and the swelling number of applications for machine driven data analytic solutions offer a revenue goldmine.

The key theme for Outsell’s Information Industry Outlook 2017, All Data, Nothing But Data, highlights the top 10 important industry trends, with data at the epicenter. The report also highlights other key trends, including:

  • Innovation demands the de-siloing of data with opportunities available for new service models.
  • The platform model is rising as product-oriented strategy evolves — be on a platform or ride on someone else’s.
  • Advertising might survive by getting smarter, and with increasing cybersecurity concerns, firms that specialize in cybersecurity will become hot M&A targets.
  • Talent trends are changing now that data is a foundational element of product strategy.

How will geopolitical and economic uncertainty affect the industry? Which information industry segments will experience the strongest growth next year? Who are the top disruptive companies to watch?

To thrive and grow in today’s data-driven world, read our report for essential actions.

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