The Program

Outsell's Innovation Discovery Program is customized to focus on the exact areas important to your business. We deliver access to these cutting-edge companies through a schedule of live and private virtual events that culminate in Demo Day. 

Six Interactive Virtual Sessions

  • One-hour virtual sessions presenting up to three early-stage companies vetted by our team of analysts, ensuring they are on the cutting edge of innovation and ready for the enterprise.
  • Expert presentations and moderated Q&A
  • Up to 10 start-up participants per session


Post-session Deliverables

  • Recorded session
  • Speaker’s slide decks
  • Emerging company profiles and contact information


Demo Day

This one-day summit that brings together a mix of the best startups from the six virtual sessions, based on your team’s feedback, and new startups in the areas where you want to dive deeper.


Why Innovation Discovery?

Keeping up with constant technological change is key to surviving and thriving in today's economy. Outsell has an unparalleled track record analyzing technology trends and picking technology winners. Together, we can help you solve your toughest problems by providing access to the right startups, products, and technologies.

Let's Get Started

Keeping up with constantly changing technology is the key to surviving and thriving in today's economy.

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Sourcing scalable innovation that aligns with your company's growth strategy is challenging. With over 75,000 startups in the global marketplace, how do you find the right technology partners or acquisitions? Outsell's Innovation Discovery Program is here to help. Not only do we source and vet emerging technologies, we deliver access and strategic insights to the fastest growing technologies across the enterprise.