With a track record of influencing billions of dollars in deals and a global network of thought leaders, clients draw on the strength of Outsell’s industry experience to focus on the real issues affecting businesses today. The data, information, and analytics economy is rapidly converging, putting pressure on business leaders to make faster, better decisions that anticipate the interplay among forces. Outsell’s Custom Research & Consulting provides confidential research and analysis, advice, and execution support so clients adapt to changing markets and business dynamics. Our custom services pick up where our subscription services end.

Our process starts with an understanding of where your company is in our Outsell Growth Framework, whether you’re working to define the current state of your business or working to understand your market position over the next 1-3 years.

Outsell Growth Framework
  • Stage 1

    Define current business state

  • Stage 2

    Analyze conditions, trends, and posture

  • Stage 3

    Evaluate capability

  • Stage 4

    Define market position over the next 1-3 years

Once we understand where your company sits in the growth framework, we build a solution for a number of different types of engagement. Our work includes:

Business strategy development
Managing the competitive environment
Responding to emerging trends and disruptors
Identifying acquisition targets
Market opportunity and size assessment
Evaluating partnerships and make or buy alternatives
Assessing the viability of new concepts and offerings with end users and buyers
Win/loss assessment
Data strategy and content sourcing
Examining investment opportunities and commercial due diligence
Data valuations
Technology assessment and architecture

We Execute with a Dedicated Architect Alongside a Seasoned Team

Outsell brings together proprietary information resources, proven research methodologies, expert analysts, and a managed network of Consulting Partners and Affiliates to develop results, recommendations, and actionable plans. We assign a designated team of senior executives to all aspects of an engagement, including scope and design, methodology development, research paths, ultimate analysis, and synthesis of results and recommendations.

Outsell considers each client’s specific business drivers, timetable, and budget in determining the most appropriate and relevant approach to meet your needs. Our philosophy and practice ensure that we create a fact-based underpinning for each engagement, providing a quantifiable and credible foundation for our analysis and guidance — and, ultimately, your decision to execute.

Our analysts' deep expertise spans the industry, including the following verticals:

Media, Marketing & Analytics

Adtech, martech, digital media, marketing spend, advertising budgets — it’s all crucial and constantly changing. Where is the money flowing? We meticulously monitor this segment, focusing on spending, solutions, and what’s coming up next.

Education Content, Training & Human Capital Management

Class is always in session for Outsell. From evolving edtech solutions to new workflow tools, our coverage spans content and solutions supporting activities in K-12, higher education, and corporate training.

Information Management and Libraries

From shrinking budgets to new technologies, we cover the most important issues affecting the IM community. These include understanding users’ information and research needs, keeping current with new library technology and information products, understanding services and workflow tools, treating data as a strategic asset, and tying library value to the strategic goals of the enterprise.

Financial, Tax, Legal, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Convergence of information and technology is the new normal. Our coverage in this area details workflow solutions, credit ratings, consumer and commercial credit information, investment information, risk and compliance management, tax and accounting, and board and information governance.

Science, Technology & Healthcare

We treat this segment as we do our own health — holistically. Our coverage spans global trends and analytics for population health management, health record software, drug databases, healthcare journals, and medical reference books and databases for professionals and consumers.

Content Technology & Distribution Services

It’s all about the end user. How do you deliver the right content in the right format through the right channels? We cover emerging technologies and businesses who are cutting-edge with new distribution models and services.

Industry Service Providers

Who’s who in information industry? We cover all of the service providers so you’re always aware of potential opportunities or threats.

B2B Media, Business Information & Company Information

Information is a critical part of every company, but where does it come from? We analyze the information businesses who provide professionals with the essentials to enhance their business information and workflow solutions.

No question is too small.

Examples of just a few of the questions we've been asked:

Our firm is doing due diligence on a helicopter fleet and one way the fleet is monetized is news gathering.  Can you help us understand the opportunities and threats to the sector?
Our medical society wants to export our offering to various countries. Can you assess the market opportunity and how the product might need to be tuned for cultural differences so we can prioritize investment?
Can you help us understand the growth levers competitors are utilizing and how the methods compare in overall compared to peers?
Our executive team is facing new demands from customers’ procurement departments around data security and privacy. Can you help us understand current practice in response?
What are the freemium legal models in Poland so we can invest in the region while understanding how best to position around competitive stance?
Can you help our strategy team look at market size and growth in several sectors in which we compete in order to identify growth opportunities?

Schedule a complimentary call with a member of our analyst team to gain immediate guidance. We look forward to supporting you.