Millennials have displaced baby boomers as the largest generation in the workforce, bringing workplace demographics to a tipping point. As the global information market approaches two trillion dollars, millennials’ control over this vast market becomes an important focus.

Millennials in Corporate Finance highlights several trends that are creating challenges, yet driving opportunities for vendors and employers in this space. Key providers in this market include Oracle (ORCL), Thomson Reuters (TRI), SAP (ADR), Google (GOOGL), LinkedIn (LNKD), and Microsoft (MSFT).

While millennials serve many professional roles, this report looks specifically at the needs and information consumption habits of those working in corporate finance — a function that spans all industries. It is vital for the companies and solutions providers who employ and support these young professionals to understand this market’s changing demands. Look ahead at what will inspire the newest generation of corporate finance professionals.

Table of Contents 

Why This Topic?


Respondent Profile

    Defining Corporate Finance

Information Consumption Trends and Drivers

    Finding the Relevant Information

    Accessing and Sharing Information

    Resources Dedicated to Information Usage

Essential Actions

Related Research


Figures & Tables

Figure 1. Sample Millennial Respondents by Industry

Figure 2. Biggest Obstacles Obtaining Needed Information

Figure 3. Types of Information Most Consumed

Figure 4. Sources of Information for Current Events/News

Figure 5. Sources of Information for Researching Companies or Topics

Figure 6. Method of Sharing Information with Colleagues

Figure 7. Access to Company’s Portals and Other Digital Sources with a Single Log-in

Figure 8. Social Media Most Used for Professional Purposes

Figure 9. Number of Hours Per Week Using Information

Table 1. Number of Hours Per Day Using Devices

Figure 10. Main Applications Used for Work

Figure 11. Allocation of Budgets in the Organization

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