When it comes to performance, how do the top companies in the information industry compare? And how does the industry stack up against the giants of the digital age? Convergence is bringing these groups closer together, as partners, suppliers, and competitors. The 2016 Outsell 50 Performance Rankings report, measuring the performance of top information industry firms over the three-year period 2013-15, includes:

  • Performance rankings for the industry’s top firms across four key metrics — revenue growth, EBIT margin, net margin improvement, and market capitalization growth;
  • Comparisons of 40 core information companies with 10 “digitals”, companies setting the pace in consumer media and commerce and enterprise software;
  • Profiles of the 10 best core information performers;
  • Essential actions, such as using data from digital services, operating within convergence, and thinking globally.

This report serves as a tool for executives, directors, and investors in information companies who want to compare performance, learn from the factors behind it, and compare firms’ strategies and executions.

Table of Contents 

Why This Topic?


Core Information Group

Digitals Group

Data Collection


Performance Rankings

Overall Performance — Core

Revenue Growth

EBIT and Net Margin

Market Capitalization

Top Performer Profiles

Essential Actions


Related Research


Tables & Figures

Table 1. Top 10 Core — Overall Performance 2012-15

Table 2. Bottom 10 Core — Overall Performance

Table 3. Industry Performance — Revenue CAGR 2012-15

Table 4. Top 10 Core Performers — Revenue CAGR 2012-15

Table 5. Industry Performance — EBIT Margin 2013-15

Table 6. Net Margin Change 2012-15

Table 7. Top 10 Core Performers — EBIT Margin 2013-15

Table 8. Top 10 Core Performers — Net Margin Change 2012-15

Table 9. Industry Performance — Market Cap Growth 2012-15

Table 10. Top 10 Core Performers - Market Cap Growth 2012-15

Table 11. Core 40 – Overall Performance All Metrics

Table 12. Outsell 50 - All Performance Metrics (Alphabetical)

Figure 1. Midpoints for Each Metric (Core and Digitals) 2013-15

Figure 2. Size of Company vs. Revenue Growth Performance

Figure 3. Size of Company vs Overall Performance

Figure 4. Rankings History of 2016 Top 10 Core Companies


Top Performer Profiles

Moody’s Corporation

Verisk Analytics, Inc.

Equifax, Inc.

MSCI, Inc.

Factset Research System, Inc.

S&P Global Inc.

Fair Isaac Corporation

Wolters Kluwer nv

Gartner, Inc.

The Corporate Executive Board

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