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Our sales performance improvement methodology is fact-based and actionable, and identifies where you need to focus.

Participate in the benchmark at no cost. The questionnaire will take no more than 10 minutes and you will receive an executive summary of the results. Outsell’s Sales Performance Benchmark Database, a collaboration between Outsell and OC&C, tracks KPIs of leading information Industry sales organizations.

What Top Performers Do Differently

Attributes & KPIs

Outsell’s database tracks 20 questions, and cross-references them with the three sales performance KPIs that correlate with top-performance.

Outsell Inc. Outsell Sales Performance Benchmark

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Why the Sales Performance Benchmark and Growth Plan?

The Sales Performance Benchmark and Growth Plan will provide immediate results to ensure sustainable
improvement in your sales organization and sales results. As a participant, you will get fact-based answers to three critical questions:

What is the current state of my selling organization?

Benchmark your sales team against our database of information industry sales top-performers to gain a thorough understanding of your sales performance challenges, and an objective view of your sales organization.

What are your biggest opportunities for improvement?

Discover specific opportunities for improvement, based upon data, applied to your unique organization and operating environment, guided by Outsell’s sales performance experts.

Execute on these opportunities

Build a realistic, road-tested plan of action, with targeted results, for executing key sales performance initiatives, based upon Outsell’s expertise in creating short-term and long-term improvement roadmaps.

Project Team

Outsell Inc. Outsell Sales Performance Benchmark

Ned May - Project Lead

The senior project lead for this study will be Ned May. As VP Intelligence, Ned leads the research and analyst team that produces Outsell competitive and market intelligence and the essential benchmarks and data underpinning Outsell services. Ned brings nearly 20 years of experience in analytic and operating roles across the research and data economy. Ned is responsible for the oversight and successful implementation of the project working with other members of the Outsell team.

Outsell Inc. Outsell Sales Performance Benchmark

Anthea Stratigos - Executive Review

Outsell considers it best practice for a member of the Outsell executive team to provide input on project design and to review any client deliverables before submission. For this project, Anthea Stratigos, Outsell’s Co-founder & CEO, will be the executive sponsor.

Why Outsell?

Outsell Inc. Outsell Sales Performance Benchmark

Outsell is the world’s only research and advisory firm focused solely on media, information, and data businesses. This gives us unparalleled expertise in our domain. Our analysts and consultants’ analytical insights and rigorous, fact-based research methodology have delivered solutions to critical problems time and again.

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Outsell has conducted hundreds of proprietary studies for senior executives in industry with an emphasis on assessing markets, competitors, and technologies to inform strategies for future planning and revenue growth and in benchmarking and assessing key functions in order to ensure optimal operating performance.

Outsell’s annual benchmarks are used throughout the year. Deep dive studies deliver insight specific to organizations with similar mission and focus.

All team members have more than 20 years of domain expertise in the industry sectors they research and analyze. Our analysts and consultants take a fact-based approach to interpret data and combine that with their knowledge of the industry and the industry’s trends. They then analyze the implications and develop actionable, relevant recommendations that guide answers to “so what does it mean?” “what must we do next?” and “how should we best proceed?”

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