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John Dove

Consulting Partner


John is best known within the library world for his work in helping lead Credo Reference from a fledgling London-based start-up to a point of sustainable cash-flow positive and well beyond; this, in a landscape in which well-funded online encyclopedias like Microsoft’s Encarta were going out of business and the availability of encyclopedia content was freely available from Wikipedia and other free online sources. In the 90s John managed software product development for Easel Corporation including a team that combined Sutherland and McKenna which resulted in the standardization of the product development methodology, SCRUM. And in the 80s John was part of an executive team at Computer Corporation of America which did a leveraged buy-out to become a successful 100% employee owned company, written up as a case study in strategy at Harvard School of Business.


  • General Management experience:  CEO, COO, EVP, SVP in information companies.
  • Strategy consulting and management of strategy consulting
  • Change Management: Helped manage companies in high growth and in turn-arounds.
  • Start-up experience (both successful and not)
  • Boards and Advisory Boards


  • B.A. in Mathematics from Oberlin College
  • Executive Development Program, The Wharton School


  • Industry Consultant for Publishers, Libraries, and Library Technology Companies
  • Credo Reference, CEO, President
  • Kennedy School of Government, Director, e-Government Executive Education
  • Delphi Technology, EVP, Operations
  • GlobaLearn, COO
  • Silverplatter Information, President and COO
  • Symmetrix, VP and member of Exec Team
  • Easel Corporation, SVP, Product Development
  • Computer Corporation of America, VP, Product Operations
  • Shanghai University for Science and Technology, Visiting Professor
  • Interactive Data Corporation, Product Architect


Linkedin: John Dove

Phone: +1-781-964-2325

More About John

Favorite Cities

Boston, San Francisco, London, Vienna, Shanghai

Favorite Books

  • The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Hitch-hikers Guide to the Gallaxy

Activities Outside of Work

  • Piano
  • Running:  I’m a life-long athlete (meaning that I compete, not that I win). I’ve run hundreds of road races including 28 marathons
  • Motorcycle touring: many cross-country trips through US and Canada and a few trips in Eastern Europe
  • Road trips with my wife and family–throughout the US and Europe

Odd Claims to Fame

  • Set 1/2 Day (5.5 hours) 2 man hay-stacking record of 1,280 seventy pound bales at age 17
  • Online from home since 1969
  • Sent first e-mail ever sent from China to US from Shanghai to Kendall Square in December 1986

Where I Grew Up

Oak Park, Illinois