Outsell's Information Industry Outlook

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For the $1.6 trillion-dollar information industry, what are the best ways to grow revenue?

Outperform and Out Sell.

Outsell Inc. Information Industry Outlook 2018

Outperform and Out Sell

With trends such as convergence, the machine age, and an industry at a tipping point well underway, resilience and focus on strong operational results are now the essential ingredients needed to thrive.

Outsell’s Information Industry Outlook 2018 highlights the top industry trends, with innovation, consolidation, and execution at the epicenter. The report also highlights other key trends, including:

  • Cross screen experiences gel. Content and messages to prospects and customers are crossing delivery channels, with messages that are more personalized and contextual.
  • Automation of legal services will completely change the profession. Legal solution providers need to develop toolkits and platforms for legal practices to automate their services.
  • Education management solutions. Providers are using big data to extract value from solutions, delivering new insight to end users so that they can assess both faculty and student performance.
  • Contact information and marketing platforms collide with media. Improvements in intent and behavioral information, programmatic advertising, and contact data give contact information vendors capabilities approaching traditional media.

Who are the top disruptive companies to watch? Which information industry segments will experience the strongest growth next year?

Read our report for essential actions to grow in today’s data-driven world.

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