Ethics & Integrity Playbook

  1. We’re objective. We cover all stakeholders in the industry, whether or not they’re our clients.
  2. We tell it like it is. Any fee-for-hire white papers we write are for market education only. We don’t let clients tell us what to write (or not), and we don’t promote companies or products.
  3. We’re above-board. We don’t invest in firms we analyze or accept equity as payment from clients. Our analysts can’t hold material investments in any firm they cover, and if they have a small (non-material) investment, they have to tell us.
  4. We’re consistent about pricing. No willy-nilly discounts. If you compare notes with another client, you’ll know you’ve been treated the same.
  5. We deliver quality. Our research and analysis use the right methodology for the right question and the best technologies in the market. We design our own research and we oversee all our fielding. We won’t hand you over to a random third party. If we make a mistake, we fix it. 
  6. We’re clear. Everything we do is built on fact-based arguments that we can defend. You may disagree with our stance, but you’ll know why we took it.
  7. We’re thorough. We form opinions about a company by analyzing and cross-verifying a broad array of facts and trends. We don’t rely on statements from any one firm.
  8. We can keep a secret. When we contact you, we’ll tell you why. If you’re on the record, you’ll know. Any time you contact us, we’re off the record.
  9. We’re discreet. We don’t ever, ever name clients, even to someone else in the same company. If we do, we have permission.
  10. We stick to our knitting. We won’t barter, act as a sales agent, or negotiate for stakeholders in the industry.
  11. We respect copyright. We won’t use anyone’s intellectual property without permission.
  12. We’re fair. We provide equal opportunity for vendors to compete for our business.
  13. We’re classy and picky.  We don’t hire from client companies and we only hire the best and the brightest.
  14. We’re friendly. We treat our clients as if they’re in our home. If there’s anything you need, just let us know.
  15. We deliver and promise “wow”! Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll make it right. No matter what it takes.

Everyone in our firm takes these values to heart and it’s our promise to uphold them in all that we do.