COVID-19 Information Resources

Reliable information that the public can count on is a critical part of the global response to the current COVID-19 crisis, especially when dangerous misinformation can instantly spread around the world.

Outsell is closely monitoring data, information, and analytics providers for their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the nine days following the WHO’s 11 March assessment that COVID-19 was officially a pandemic, 32% percent of the over 2,200 company press releases, news articles, and announcements we tracked in our industry contained references to the COVID-19 outbreak. Almost as soon as the outbreak occurred, information providers dropped their paywalls, put together new content packages, and developed new solutions.

Below are the list of segments where more than 70 companies offering their information, software, and data solutions for free. Outsell is updating this list regularly; please contact us with any suggested additions.

B2B Media, Business & Company Information

Content Technology & Distribution Services

Education, Training & Human Capital Management

Finance, Legal & GRC

Media, Marketing & Analytics

Science, Technology & Healthcare

In addition to the examples given, numerous subscription news providers are providing access to COVID-19 articles for free, including The New York Times, Reuters, and The Atlantic.

Members of our industry recognize that it’s our moment to play a vital role in society. Outsell has written extensively about the importance of purpose within our industry, and never has there been a more important time to put this into practice. Our communities need information and tools, whether it’s a scientific journal that supports COVID-19 vaccine researchers, an electronics video that can help fix a Wi-Fi router, or legal workflow to support tenants facing possible eviction.

As we begin to look for possible exits to this crisis, we will need more information, tools, and applications to measure effective medical treatments, enable justice systems to operate, support businesses through hard times, and much more. All members of every segment of the industry need to think about what information, data, or applications they can make available to support the economy on top of which their businesses sit.