Employee Job Title: Client Solutions Architect

Dept/Practice Area: Sales

Employee Sponsor: This position reports to the Co-founders as an individual contributor

If you are on the fast-track in the TMT or information services space, love to problem-solve and work with clients to develop custom research and consulting solutions then this is a great position for you. If you are tired of the management consultant road-warrior grind, then even better. You are curious, competitive, love listening to clients and proposing solutions, and love closing business that delivers real value to clients. You will be an integral member of our client development team working closely with our CEO and other key members of the Outsell team to:

  • Design, propose, and close custom research and consulting that supports critical business decisions at our client companies most senior levels.
  • Ensure subscription relationships are well installed, manage users, user training, and overall client success within our most important top 20 accounts.
  • Understand and be deeply familiar with advisory solutions that support business strategy, M&A due diligence, market and competitive opportunity analysis, win-loss and an array of benchmark and operating practice studies that improve growth and success in our client companies.

At heart you are a challenger-sales executive who adds value to every interaction you have with clients especially as you design solutions they will ‘say yes’ to in order to advance their business.  You love getting to yes!

Key Responsibilities

With a focus on our Top 20 clients you will:

  1. Critically listen and translate client business requirements, understand and probe for questions ‘under the question’ and provide recommendations on custom research and consulting approaches to be taken to deliver best outcome in budget/timing and use required.  This is a challenger sales model as much as anything, delivering value through the architecting, designing, scoping and proposal process.
  2. Design and develop proposals including articulating scope, approach (methodologies / key steps), be able to assemble team from array of Outsell resources to fulfill the objective, and build cost model and articulate pricing based on value. You focus on value and ensure clients see the benefit of the approach you recommend.
  3. Manage project through the pipeline, close and manage internal kick-off meetings and hand-off project to lead consultant who will oversee successfully delivery of the engagement on time and on budget. Ensure cross-understanding of scope so consultants don’t over or under build.
  4. Cross-sell and upsell subscription licenses, manage users lists, perform user training, ensure utilization is happening working with the program chairs and manage and close renewals 45 to 60 days before renewal date.
  5. Make plan, achieve or exceed quota, manage pipeline and contact management in our CRM system and ensure your record are logged and current at all times.
  6. Perform peer review to make sure custom projects you design and sell are delivered to ‘spec’ and ‘deliver ‘wow’ to your clients

Ideal Background and Experience

  • 8-10 years responsibility in a commercial role in a Management Consulting or Research & Advisory firm with experience designing work, developing proposals and cost models, or delivering custom.
  • Experience designing and delivering due diligence work for PE or strategic buyers.
  • Experience in quota carrying role responsible for upsell/cross-sell and designing custom and/or closing proposals.
  • Experience within the data, information and analytics industry or serving TMT.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, EQ and ability to listen well, problem-solve, naturally curious and able to probe and communicate solutions and benefits.
  • Competitive in desire to close and win business and achieve success for clients, the organization and their individual role.
  • Excellent writer, critical thinker and ability to determine best outcome for clients in known timeframes.
  • Cogent thinker who can map out proposals, articulate approach and communicate in a way that builds trust and creates following.
  • Subject matter expertise in information services, supporting strategic planning, competitive and market intelligence, or benchmarks and operating practices essential so that the individual can talk benefits to clients and solve problems in a language clients understand.
  • Understanding of Outsell Growth Framework, our services and methodologies and able to articulate best solution for the client across all service lines with emphasis on ability to deliver custom or cross-sell and upsell licenses.
  • Can-do, delivers ROI and ROE and understands how to achieve results with minimal efforts and energy.

Support Outsell’s Core Values:

INTEGRITY. We are honest, ethical, and direct in all of our dealings in and outside our company and are a trusted advisor and unbiased thought leader.

SERVICE. We are client-centered, good listeners, easy to do business with, and focused on sustaining great relationships.

ACCOUNTABILITY. We are committed to our clients achieving outstanding results and say what we’ll do and do what we say.

INNOVATION. We embrace change, focus our services on the leading edge, and are always learning and improving.

FUN, FREEDOM, AND FAMILY.  We get the job done in a way that works for our clients, our colleagues, and each other while running a financially healthy business and being active citizens in the world.