October 24, 2016

For those of you on the hunt for my white sweater you can breathe easily knowing it’s finally been found! Some of you remarked about how worthwhile it was that I had an entire army of information industry veterans on the lookout for me and two of my colleagues sent me links right after that post – both to sweaters I hadn’t seen online. Unfortunately they didn’t work out. One, linen and made in my home state of Cali, looked like a kimono it turns out, and two colleagues who tried it on, also nixed it. The other, looked like a winner, but alas, it came having been made in China after all, and worse arrived with a flaw. So back they both went. 

So the internet with all its so-called progress in digital advertising, all the poking and cajoling, and measuring and manipulating and still no white sweater. With no FindMy.com to turn to (c’mon Amazon, Facebook, and Google – I’m still waiting for you to take my idea and make it real), I did what any self-respecting executive would do. I turned to word-of-mouth.  

You see it still works. Last week in Mykonos, on the last leg of a wonderful holiday, post Outsell’s magnificent 10th anniversary Signature Event, I made my way through Venice, Croatia, and several stops in Greece and still no sweater, yet in my possession. I decided on our last stop to ask a local jeweler I’ve gotten to know in Mykonos. Well, kind of know. You see I bought a pair of earrings from him in 2012 and decided I’d pop in and say hello this go.  

“Ti Kanis Gali!” He smiled and greeted me with a warm handshake as I asked how he was. 

Toward the end of our stop in his shop, I asked two questions: where is the best Greek food for locals on the island? Was there a place I could find a good quality locally made white sweater? He pulled out the local tourist map, vigorously marked it up with a half dozen locations, and sent us in the direction of four or five great spots to eat, and one, Salachas around the corner and in the back alley, a little bit from Little Venice and not far from port…. and so on and so forth.  

God bless Gali! God Bless Salachas! I walked in, and with a cacophony of colors and patterns, and shirts and sweaters, all locally made, I found my perfect white sweater. It fit amazingly well. It’s made in Greece of cotton and linen. Nice quality. Outstanding price.   

Word of Mouth Still Works Outsel

So sometimes in our world of MarTech stacks, data, data, data, and all the tracking that borders on harassment, the new way just isn’t so productive. The old way, a small Greek island, a local proprietor, and word-of-mouth, takes you into the small corner store where your perfect item can be found and a shopkeeper and patron both leave with a smile. This week while we deal with internet outages on the east coast, hackers, and cyber attacks, remember that simpler can be better. Let's not forget that in our demanding land of digital marketing and advertising. Many in our industry are in the business of helping buyers meet sellers and sometimes our solutions are too darn complicated. Where are the WOM options on B2B sites? Where’s your FindMy.com button?  

And to return that word of mouth favor, I left with a small little ring to match those 2012 earrings and a recommendation to all of you that if you are ever on Mykonos and need the perfect jeweler – go see Gali and Yiannis at Precious Exquisite Jewelry, on the port, five stores from the right as you're facing the shops and restaurants. Reputable, well-priced, high quality. They can’t be beat. And when you go by, tell them Anthea from California sent you and that word-of-mouth still works.  

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