December 21, 2016


How pleased we are that Outsell is once again ahead of its time, picking a brand color several years ago that is this year’s Pantone Color of the Year! Greenery, I couldn’t believe it when our head of marketing popped it over and thought how fun! Love it. Long have we used this color to reflect our core mission of helping the information industry grow revenue and thrive. And it stands too for our continued expansion into serving and covering emerging companies who are all emblematic of hope and aspiration in our never ending changing industry.

Pantone Color of the year Greenery - Outsell Inc. 

How nice too that the color is symbolic of new beginnings. Just an hour before writing this post I finished up our year-end Insight and wrote of green sprigs after a fire. I hadn’t seen the description of this color when I wrote it but wow, an hour later I open up the pantone color and how apropros. It’s been a crazy year (just read that Insight). So here’s looking to a great year ahead, wishing you a happy and successful 2017 and thrilled to be working with you. We’re known for seeing around corners, painting the future direction of this industry, and being ‘arbiters of relevance’ as a client once said. Our mission is to help the worlds media, information, and data companies thrive because with information comes fuel for advancements on our planet and after this year of the tipping point, we need new beginnings. Welcome to the Club Pantone. We’re glad you’re in our corner. 

Pantone Color of the year Greenery - Outsell Inc.


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