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Anthea Stratigos

Co-founder & CEO


Anthea C. Stratigos is Co-founder & CEO of Outsell, Inc., the leading research and advisory firm focused exclusively on the data, information & analytics economy. As CEO, she draws upon her deep experience in research and analytics businesses, and product management and marketing, to oversee Outsell, its brand, and strategic direction. Anthea is Outsell’s primary spokesperson, identifying, writing, and speaking extensively about key trends and issues facing CEOs and top executives in the industry. She chairs the Outsell Leadership Community, a member service for CEOs and senior executives, and is a trusted confidante and confidential advisor to hundreds of leaders across the industry. She is also actively measuring, influencing, and improving, gender diversity in our industry’s most senior positions. Anthea is an active member of the NPD Advisory Board, served on the Board of Directors of Innodata, Inc., is an advisor to the Workplace Equity Project, and is a former board member of American Business Media (ABM). She is a graduate of Stanford University and the Executive Program in Marketing at Harvard University.


  • C-Level market, competitive, and technology issues and trends
  • User, audience, buyer, and advertiser market dynamics and behaviors
  • Information offering life cycle management
  • Creating and selling value-added content
  • Market analysis, segmentation, and needs assessment
  • Syndicated and primary market research operations
  • IT research industry
  • Corporate training industry


Anthea received her B.S. in Communication from Stanford University and graduated from the Executive Marketing Program at Harvard University.


  • Teltech
  • American Management Association
  • Dataquest
  • IBM


Linkedin: Anthea Stratigos

Phone: (650) 342-7199

More About Anthea

Movies I Like

Classic ’70s – Body Heat, The Big Chill, The Blues Brothers

Music I Listen To

Anything playing in a spa

Favorite Cities

London, New York, San Francisco, and Boston

Power Breakfast

Scrambled eggs and grits at Black-Eyed Susan’s in Nantucket

Best Vacation I've Taken

Athens, Greece and touring the Greek isles in the Aegean Sea, Summer 2008

First Car

’67 3-speed Mustang

Favorite Reads

  • The Big Orange Splot — because it’s about conformity vs. individuality
  • Atlas Shrugged — a classic about entitlement vs. earning
  • Execution — about getting the right things done
  • Marketing The Invisible — about relationships, service, and being client-centered
  • Conversations With God (the series) — about man’s relationship to man, earth, and the cosmos
  • Love, Medicine & Miracles — about holistic health and wellness
  • Anything by Deepak Chopra
  • Leaving Microsoft to Change the World — because it’s inspiring and reminds me of capitalism through contribution
  • Harriet the Spy — it’s just fun
  • Travel memoirs and fiction