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evolve, and this report provides Outsell's forecast of what's to come. It’s an Outsell tradition to analyze all sectors of the information industry and
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Published by Leigh Watson Healy on October 01, 2015
It’s an Outsell tradition to analyze all sectors of the information industry and then use this data to publish in the fall our comprehensive forecast and predictions for the coming year. Designed to help you navigate through the top market trends and forces ahead that will impact your business, our annual Information Industry Outlook has you covered with essential actions and a list of companies...
Published by Kate Worlock on September 23, 2015
Adaptive learning is fast becoming central to digital educational publishing. Lacking a common meaning for the word “adaptive,” however, the market is experiencing underlying confusion. This report looks at whether adaptive learning really is the holy grail for educational publishing, how it’s being implemented successfully, what the challenges are to successful deployment of an offering, and how...
Published by Kate Worlock on August 31, 2015
The impact of digital technology and big data has been disruptive across the information industry with value chains constantly interrupted and re-aligned, particularly in the area of Human Resources. With the rise of digital solutions, the previously separated tasks of payroll, recruiting, performance assessment and training are now bundled together, offering HR professionals the opportunity for...
Published by Simon Alterman on August 27, 2015
How are leading players faring within an industry propelling towards convergence? Overall performance is a key indicator of a company’s relative market position. In this report, you’ll find measures of how top information industry firms have performed over the three-year period 2012-14.   The report includes:   Performance rankings for the industry’s top firms across four key metrics: revenue...
Published by William Jan on August 21, 2015
Recent regulations and rulings have taken the global tax arena to a new level of complexity, making corporate compliance both more difficult and more important than ever. Tax solution providers have a banquet of opportunities to help businesses of all sizes get informed and stay compliant – and to build new partnerships with complementary providers. This report takes a look at the enterprise tax...
Published by Randy Giusto on August 18, 2015
The Bright Beacon of Retail Marketing examines the growth and innovation in beacon technology, along with the players who plug into the proximity marketing solution stack. It identifies both innovative startups and incumbent retail analytics players embracing these new capabilities.   You’ll also find:   The market definition of retail analytics; The market’s size and growth; Top 10 players to...
Published by Hugh Logue on August 17, 2015
The legal and regulatory information market grew by 3.8% to just over $21 billion in 2014, with forecasted growth in revenues reaching $26 billion by 2018. Legal service providers have invested considerably in product development and in adding value to their solutions, including business of law solutions, new workflow tools, and the corporate counsel market. This report provides analysis of the...
Published by Simon Alterman on August 13, 2015
Outsell’s industry benchmarks show that content creation is on average the biggest single expense category for information businesses. Emerging technologies that provide a way to increase efficiency and create automated content are delivering impressive results. These tools are making a splash for information business, but vendors are finding an even bigger market in business intelligence and...
Published by Lanell James on August 12, 2015
Big data has ushered in a wave of data-supported decision-making, giving rise to a competitive market for data visualization tools – a sector expected to grow exponentially by 2018. And though these tools are core components of business intelligence, many still consider their use an emerging practice. This report features side-by-side comparisons of three key industry players: Tableau, QlikTech...
Published by Deni Auclair on August 07, 2015
Public and private funders of research and development stimulate economies and both nurture and guide scientific research. Like other investors, R&D funders need to know the returns on their investments (ROI) – but measuring the impact of scientific research is not cut and dried. The ecosystem of scientific research and scholarly communication spans the breadth of scientific topics and a...
Published by Randy Giusto on August 05, 2015
In 2014, the media and marketing segment grew to $312 billion, with steady annual growth forecasted over the next four years. As an essential read for marketing solutions vendors, software and services firms, and research and information companies, this report provides analysis of the media and marketing landscape. It includes a snapshot look at market trends, with a forecast for segment growth...
Published by Michael Balsam on August 04, 2015
In 2014, the B2B Trade & Business Information & Company Information segment grew 4%, slowly climbing out of the recession. Within this rapidly evolving segment, the tilt toward digital coupled with the use of integrated solutions has created a new data-in-workflow component in this space. This report provides an analysis of the B2B Trade & Business Information & Company...
Published by William Jan on July 31, 2015
This company analysis report provides a holistic look at the top three financial players, Bloomberg L.P., Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk, and McGraw Hill Financial (more specifically, S&P Ratings Services, S&P Capital IQ, and S&P Dow Jones Indices), including what fuels their innovation and how they capitalize on opportunities. In this report, you’ll find:   An overview of the...
Published by Deni Auclair on July 30, 2015
In 2014, the Scientific, Technical & Medical Information segment grew 3.6%, with an expected growth rate of 4% in 2015, climbing steadily out of the recession. With new business models, the expansion of open access, and an increased focus on researchers and their needs, the industry is seeing steady advancement through innovation. This report provides analysis of the STM landscape, including...
Published by William Jan on July 29, 2015
In 2014, the financial news, information, data, and technology segment accounted for $42.7 billion, or 5.6%, of the overall information, media, and technology industry. Within this segment, there has been much innovation, including areas of sentiment analysis, digital currency exchange, stakeholder communication, and over-the-counter derivatives trading. This report provides a snapshot look at...
Published by Kate Worlock on July 28, 2015
As one of the only segments of the global information industry to have experienced steady growth throughout the recent economic downturn, the education and training market marches forward. Affected by technology disruption, Outsell’s updated coverage of this market now extends to solution providers. This annual report includes a snapshot look at market trends, with a forecast for segment growth...
Published by Kate Worlock on July 25, 2015
English Language Teaching materials and resources, traditionally an important business line for major education publishers, have not been immune from the impact of digital change. As new competition enters the ELT market, major players face adapting their products to current customer demands, which include relationship-focused services and solutions.   In this report, you’ll find: The ELT market...
Published by Chuck Richard on June 29, 2015
It is an Outsell tradition to analyze companies with breakout performances – and in the very competitive IT market, Spiceworks displays a nine-year track record of success. The company's fast organic growth, meaningful digital revenue without acquisitions, and legion of loyal users reflect its unique approach to the market, one that offers noteworthy lessons for other business information...